STEM Academy

David Chang

This summer camp has been an absolute pleasure to volunteer for. This experience has given me a lot of leadership experience; I was the lead teacher with a few helpers that listened to what I asked of them. This summer camp experience has also helped develop my patience when working with all sorts of kids for such long periods of time each weekday.

Gave 66.00 hours between 07/11/2016 and 07/26/2016 with STEM Academy
David Chang

This experience has helped me develop leadership skills, gain experience working with kids, and increase my patience. Under many circumstances, the main coordinator has to leave, whether he needs to head out for personal reasons or pick stuff up for the camp, I am often put in charge of the camp, and so I have to make sure everything is flowing smoothly, we stay on schedule, the other volunteers and workers are given a job, and all the kids are paying attention to the material being taught. Each week, a new set of kids sign up for the camp, and each of the kids is different in one way or another, so I have to be flexible in dealing with different kids. This leads to what I said earlier about increasing patience because some of the kids learn fast while others do not learn very easily, so I need to spend extra time with some of them in order to make sure the whole class understands the material.

Gave 103.00 hours between 06/20/2016 and 07/10/2016 with STEM Academy